Honda generators are known for their reliability and ease of starting. Honda has developed a wide range of generators, and since your needs vary, there is surely a Honda generator built specifically for you in mind! Imagine being able to create a constant supply of electricity exactly when needed. All you need is a Honda generator to provide the reassurance of a power plant at your finger tips, then you won't be left in the dark when an alternative energy source is needed!

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Inverter Equipped Honda Generators
EU Series - Inverter-Equipped Generators Ultra Lightweight, ultra low noise & ultra high quality electricity. Ideally suited for Emergency back-up of sensitive electronics in your home and as a fantastic camping companion.
Honda Deluxe Generators
Honda Deluxe Models have large quiet mufflers and large fuel tanks for longer running times. They have wheels and an electric start as well as Auto-Throttle. Deluxe models are most popular for emergency stand-by back-up power!
Honda Industrial Generators
Honda Industrial/Commercial Models (Similar to Deluxe models) are ideal for construction use as well as emergency power. Most models are equipped with Auto Throttle & GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) to conform to OSHA job site regulations.
Honda Economy Generators
Honda Economy Generators are not equipped with all of the bells and whistles of the Deluxe and Industrial models, but they are economically priced, with all the quality and reliability that go hand in hand with the Honda name.
Generator Accessories
Generator Accessories
Replacement and Service Parts
Service Parts & Manuals available for Honda Generators